Calibration laboratory

The calibration laboratory is our new project! We have established a modern calibration laboratory that has no equal in Ukraine. We are sure that reproducible, traceable, and high-precision calibration is the starting point of each measurement.

Why calibrate?

Periodic calibration of measuring instruments ensures the given precision of measurements throughout the service life of the device. All measuring sensors tend to become less accurate due to adverse environmental effects, different stresses, and over time.

The degree of these changes varies from device to device. For example, a voltage sensor retains its properties for many years, and a humidity sensor used for monitoring the process of sterilization with oxide ethylene retains its properties for 3 to 6 months.







  • Accuracy

    High accuracy in calibration is achieved by using up-to-date reference instruments traceable to national or international standards.

  • Speed

    Applied calibration methods allow to automate the process fully and reduce time spent on calibration.

  • Equipment

    The laboratory is equipped with up-to-date instruments to conduct calibration of temperature, humidity, and pressure data loggers.

Scope of calibration

  • Visual inspection
    and testing

  • Calibration following
    certificate and calibration
    protocol issue

  • Individual technical

  • Maintenance
    and precision setting

  • Measurement

Field calibration services

We also carry out calibration on your site:

Benefits for you

  • No need to remove the sensor from its mounting location
  • All instruments can be calibrated on-site
  • Time savings
  • No downtime for your measuring instruments
  • No shipping costs
  • Less risk for equipment damage due to transportation
  • Results are similar to the results achieved in a calibration laboratory

You may order calibration right now!

To submit a calibration order, click on the link below to download the PDF form, fill it out and attach it to the order.