Milling of metals


Milling is an irreplaceable process of machining flat surfaces and shaping workpieces to achieve the desired surface geometries that can assure high precision and productivity. The workpiece should be firmly fixed on the machine table. Further, with the help of milling cutters, rotating at high speed, metal layers are removed from the workpiece to take the desired shape. 

To obtain a high-precision workpiece, such parameters as machine rigidity, positioning accuracy and repeatability, spindle balanced running (no wavering), spindle revolution number, ability to deliver cutting fluids at high pressure to the cutting zone, etc. are becoming more important and even critical. All these parameters relate to the equipment used for machining the workpiece, and this is where quality and accuracy start. 


CNC milling enables the production of individual or small batches of high-quality parts of exact and uniform dimensions. Controlled cutting speeds and feed forces, which are set and monitored during each milling operation, allow to obtain the desired surface finish and prevent local defects. 

Our milling machine has an extremely rigid structure, a 15,000 rpm spindle motor, a high-pressure coolant delivery system, and an automatic tool changer (32 tools) that allows to optimize the costs and reduce cycle time. 

The quality of your parts directly depends on the equipment used for their production! 

High-precision milling of metals

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