All measuring sensors tend to become less accurate due to adverse environmental effects, different stresses, and over time. Measuring instruments are often operated on a continuous basis, monitoring critical process parameters, which have a direct impact on the quality of manufactured products. Service and timely maintenance of measuring instruments enable to extend the service life and maintain confidence in the accuracy of measurements from the moment of their purchase and throughout the whole service life.

Complex launch of objects

  • Turnkey delivery of equipment

  • Installation, calibration, and configuration of software

  • Training-center and training

  • Comprehensive

  • Warranty obligations

    We are authorized distributors of the supplied products. We provide an official 12-month warranty, as well as warranty and post-warranty service.

  • Software

    The use of up-to-date measuring instruments suggests user`s interaction with special software. We, in our turn, care about timely software updates and its localization in the native language.

  • Calibration

    The calibration laboratory allows us to carry out high-precision wide-range measurements to perform calibration, maintenance, and repair of the simplest devices along with sophisticated multifunctional devices.

  • Maintenance service

    The service center for measuring instruments offers a special range of services: firmware upgrade for data loggers, calibration, precision setting, diagnostics, repair, battery replacement, O-ring seal replacement, etc.

Company services ...

The measuring laboratory is equipped with up-to-date instruments to conduct validation and qualification of cleanrooms, equipment, utilities, and manufacturing processes.


... and equipment

Validation Center is an authorized distributor of global brand manufacturers of up-to-date high-precision measuring instruments, testing equipment, and calibration instruments.

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