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Conceptual design is the first phase of the design process, the fundamental basis for creating any project. It enables to estimate the opportunities, methods, and costs for project implementation. 

Conceptual design is a project brief with adopted technological solutions, a common understanding between the customer and designer, identification of potential design bottlenecks and taking measures to eliminate them, definition of the scope of subsequent works, planning of the design and resources, and reduction of the scope of work at the next stages of the design. 

Why is it necessary? 

The concept provides an opportunity to check if the designated area is efficiently utilized, assess how a project might look like, receive information about technical and technological solutions, and plan implementation phases. 

The conceptual design helps build an up-to-date facility with high level of profitability that meets current requirements for safety, energy-saving, and environmental friendlinessThe conceptual design enables to increase the functional capabilities of the object and equip it with modern automated systems and high-technology equipment. 

The conceptual design includes: 


  • Premises and equipment layout; 

  • Dimensions of premises (architectural and construction design specifications); 

  • Utility connections (engineering design specifications, design specifications for water supply and sewerage systems); 

  • Flow charts for personnel, materials, products and waste flow; 

  • Cleanliness levels and pressure differential between rooms; 

  • Ventilation system service area. 

Explanatory note: 

  • Technology of works; 

  • Description of flows, materials, products and personnel; 

  • Specification for equipment; 

  • Preliminary calculation of the required power capacity; 

  • Requirements for personnel; 

  • Design specification for lighting; 

  • Design specification for electrical power equipment; 

  • Design specification for ventilation and conditioning system; 

  • Design specification for water supply and sewerage systems. 

During the design process, we will carry out the evaluation of the necessary equipment and its capacity to ensure all needs. 

Conceptual design is an opportunity to see in detail how the implementation of your solutions will look.

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