IX International Exhibition PHARMATechExpo

IX International Exhibition PHARMATechExpo

The company will present MadgeTech (USA) measuring equipment, calibration and reference equipment manufactured by Kambic (Slovenia), Presys (Brazil), Fensor (France), MBW (Switzerland), and AccuMac (USA) during the exhibition, namely: 

  • wireless environmental parameter monitoring systems; 

  • data loggers for validation and monitoring of sterilization (steam, dry-heat and chemical) processes; 

  • data loggers for monitoring transportation conditions; 

  • multichannel measuring instruments; 

  • multifunction measuring instruments; 

  • dry-block calibrators; 

  • calibration thermostats; 

  • pressure calibrators; 

  • humidity calibrators; 

  • multifunction calibrators. 


We will be glad to see everyone who is interested! 

Validation Center will participate in the Exhibition of Equipment and Technologies for the Pharmaceutical Industry on 17-19 October 2018.