Calibration bath OB

Photo: Calibration bath OB
Photo: Calibration bath OB

The high-temperature calibration thermostat of ОВ with a temperature range of +40 °С ... +250 °С guarantees homogeneity and stability of readings and allows you to calibrate sensors of any size. Available in volumes of 7, 22, 50 liters.

High-temperature calibration thermostat OB in volume of 7, 22, 50 liters from Kambic has the controller with the touch screen, the convenient interface, parameters of the schedule of history of ports RS-232, USB or Ethernet. The mobile autonomous unit of the device can be easily moved and fixed thanks to the built-in rotary wheels with brakes.  


  • Uniformity and stability in mK range;

  • Calibrate sensors of any dimension;

  • Fluid ensures perfect heat transfer;

  • Up to 500 mm immersion depth;

  • Unique vertical flow design;

  • State of the art solution;

  • Three bath sizes.

Temperature range

+40 ... +250 °C

Temperature resolution

0.001 °C

Temperature uniformity

< ±0.007@ 100°C

Temperature stability

±0.001 @ 50°C; ±0.002 @ 100°C; ±0.006 @ 250°C


RS 232 (USB / Ethernet optional)


1100 W; 2100 W


7, 22, 50 liters