Climatic chamber KK-CH

Photo: Climatic chamber KK-CH
Photo: Climatic chamber KK-CH

Climatic chamber for calibration of data loggers and sensors. Has a controller with user friendly interface, advance settings options, RS-232, USB or Ethernet communication ports. The stainless steel chamber with 3-sided double walls ensures optimum air distribution.

The climatic chamber has a working measuring range with controlled temperature and relative humidity. Allows the calibration of data loggers and sensors, "accelerated aging" and stress tests.


  • Access port with both end plugs Ø 40 as standard, ؘ 50 or Ø 90 as accessory;

  • Height adjustable stainless steel wire shelves;

  • Easy accessible stainless steel water tank with level switch or option with automatic water feeding;

  • Voltage regulator;

  • Extended humidity range;

  • Internal glass door;

  • Ethernet port;

  • USB port;

  • Printer;

  • Connection to a personal computer;

  • Extended warranty 2 years.


  • Microprocessor programmable controller with LCD display on the front panel (10 programs of 10 segments);

  • Software for controlling the camera from the PC (the ability to combine up to 16 cameras into the network, advanced programming and data storage capabilities);

  • RS-232 interface (for connecting printer and PC);

  • Viewing window with heating 350 x 420 mm;

  • Interior lighting;

  • Technological hole Ø 50 mm with plug (right or left);

  • Technological hole ؘ 90 mm with plug (right or left);

  • Shelf in stainless steel (1 pc);

  • Air cooling;

  • Forced air convection;

  • Visual and audible signaling of deviations;

  • Refrigerant R404A;

  • Rollers for moving the camera.


50, 105, 190, 340, 500, 1000 liters

Temperature range

+5 ... +180 °C

Temperature resolution

0.1 °C

Relative humidity range

10 ... 98 %

Relative humidity resolution

1 %

Validation port

Ø 40 mm (Ø 50 / Ø 90 mm optional)


RS 232 (USB / Ethernet optional)