Steam Quality Testing

Photo: Steam Quality Testing
Photo: Steam Quality Testing

Easy to operate, accurate and reliable system; which will allow you to carry out pure steam control, qualification of pure steam generators, periodic monitoring of steam systems and equipment acceptance.

The pure steam quality control system is used for:

• determination of the amount of non-condensable gases;

• determination of steam dryness;

• determination of the degree of steam overheating.

Pure steam control is the determination of non-condensable gases, dryness and superheating of steam.

Pure steam generators, as well as pure steam, obtained from the 1st column of the installation for receiving water for injection (distiller) are intended for disinfection and sterilization of equipment and materials in the food and / or pharmaceutical industry.

As a rule, the details of such installations are made of high-grade stainless steel, and the surfaces of the installation are polished. Welds should be made in an inert gas environment. All components of the installation should be accessible for inspection and easily dismantled. Clean steam monitoring should be carried out regularly.

The resulting clean steam should not contain any impurities (for example, hydrazine) that could be harmful to health, therefore clean steam generators are especially suitable for sterilization processes in medical facilities, for steaming and drying chambers in the food industry and for the production of distillers.

Control of pure steam with the help of a test system will allow for express control, and at the same time get an accurate, reliable and reproducible result.

The pure steam quality control system fully complies with the requirements and recommendations of GMP, HTM 01, HTM 2010: 1994, HTM 2031: 1997, EN 285: 2006, DIN 58950, ISO 14937: 2000, AAMI ST79, ISPE, PDA Technical Reports No. 1 and No. 48.