Ventilation and air-conditioning systems

Ventilation and air-conditioning systems

Our objective is to fulfill all your wishes by providing high quality and trouble-free operation of ventilation and air-conditioning systems at your company! 

Ventilation and air-conditioning systems are systems that remove used indoor air and replace it with fresh outdoor air, with automatic maintenance of all or some of the air parameters (temperature, relative humidity, purity, air velocity, and pressure differential) indoors to ensure optimal meteorological conditions, most favorable for human comfort, manufacturing processes and protection of material assets. Industrial ventilation involves such stages as adjustment and balancing of ventilation systems and adjustment of the pressure differential between rooms. 

The design is the first step to implementing ventilation and air-conditioning systems.  

The detailed design ensures the reliability of the ventilation and air-conditioning system and the compliance of its operating parameters with the process. During the design stage, the requirements of GMP, ISO, WHO, and national standards for ventilation systems used in cleanrooms for drug manufacturing, microbiology laboratories, research laboratories, quality control laboratories, auxiliary rooms, and warehouses, etc. are taken into account. The design phase also includes detailed calculation of the ventilation system and related utility connections, selection of major and auxiliary ventilation equipment given the specific features of the design, process requirements, and customer preferences. Furthermore, when developing various designs, specialists of Validation Center take into account the latest energy-saving trends. 

Installation of ventilation and air-conditioning systems 

Qualified personnel carries out the installation of ventilation and air-conditioning systems according to the approved design, which ensures the proper functioning of the ventilation equipment. Besides, installation of equipment can be performed under the “cleanliness protocol”. 

Industrial ventilation. Setup and commissioning  

Setup and commissioning of ventilation and air-conditioning systems are carried out upon completion of the installation. This stage involves adjustment of ventilation systems, programming of operation modes of air conditioners, operation algorithms of automation systems, setting of the required extract or intake air volume, and the differential pressure between rooms. 

Setup and commissioning confirm whether correct design solutions have been made and whether ventilation equipment has been properly installed. 

Certification of ventilation systems 

The ventilation system passport is a document confirming that the system complies with declared operating parameters, ventilation and air-conditioning system design, fire safety regulations, and other regulatory requirements. It is issued upon completion of installation, adjustment, and commissioning of the ventilation system and is the mandatory final stage of the ventilation system installation. 

Ventilation system certification includes a review of design documentation, an inspection of ventilation units, air ducts, and other elements, identification of installation defects, and results of aerodynamic tests. 

The ventilation system passport demonstrates the actual state of the system and reflects all its technical and operational characteristics.

Design, installation, start-up, commissioning and certification of ventilation systems in accordance with GMP standards, ISO, WHO.