High temperature data logger HiTemp140-FP

Photo: High temperature data logger HiTemp140-FP
Photo: High temperature data logger HiTemp140-FP
Photo: High temperature data logger HiTemp140-FP
Photo: High temperature data logger HiTemp140-FP
The HiTemp140-FP is a high temperature data logger with a flexible RTD probe, making it ideal for placement in small ampoules, vials, tubes, test tubes and other small objects.
The datalogger is supplied with a factory calibration certificate ISO 17025.

Commonly used for mapping, validation and monitoring of high temperature surfaces and environments, this stainless steel data logger is available in several flexible probe lengths. The flexible probe is coated with PFA insulation and can withstand temperatures up to +260 °C with an accuracy of ±0.1 °C.

The HiTemp140-FP probe design is narrow and lightweight making it ideal for placement within small vials, tubing, test tube and other small diameter or delicate applications. Because of the flexible probe, the risks of breakage (both vial and probe) generally associated with stainless steel probe loggers are diminished and the location and placement of the probe is easy to manipulate. The device records and stores up to 65,536 time stamped readings and is equipped with non-volatile solid state memory.

The HiTemp140-FP can be configured for delayed start and is capable of reading rates as often as four readings per second, up to once every 24 hours.

Compatible with the latest MadgeTech Data Logger Software, starting, stopping, and downloading data is simple and reporting capabilities are abundant. The device connects to a PC with the IFC400 interface or the IFC406 docking station. Downloaded data can be viewed in graphical, tabular, and summary data form in the MadgeTech software, and all data can be exported to Excel® for further analysis and calculations.

Temperature sensor

Flexible RTD Probe

Measurement range

-60 °C … +260 °C


0.01 °C


±0.1 °C

Operating environment

-40 °C … +140 °C, 0 %RH … 100 %RH, 0 PSIA ... 60 PSIA, With thermal shield: -200 °C … +250 °C


65,536 readings

Reading rate

1 reading every 0.25 seconds up to 1 reading every 24 hours

Baud rate



Body: 316 Stainless Steel / Probe: PFA Insulated Cable with Stainless Steel Tip

IP rating




Battery life

1 year (1 minute reading rate at 25 °C) User Replaceable Battery


Body: 75 x 24.6 x 24.6 mm / Probes: HiTemp140-FP-6: 152.5 x 3.2 mm; HiTemp140-FP-12: 304.8 x 3.2 mm; HiTemp140-FP-36: 914 x 3.2 mm; HiTemp140-FP-72: 1829 x 3.2 mm

Required interface package

IFC400 / IFC406