PMLT Mask Integrity Tester

Photo: PMLT Mask Integrity Tester
Photo: PMLT Mask Integrity Tester
Photo: PMLT Mask Integrity Tester
Photo: PMLT Mask Integrity Tester
Photo: PMLT Mask Integrity Tester
Photo: PMLT Mask Integrity Tester

Putting on a protective mask, you deserve full confidence in your equipment. Air Techniques International (PMLT) protective masks integrity tester is both an aerosol and photometric instrument designed to confirm the tightness and integrity of protective masks and respirators, as well as to monitor their fit depending on the individual face shape. The PMLT is a portable, easy-to-use instrument that can be configured in minutes and provides various testing options.

Putting on a face-guard, you deserve a complete confidence in your equipment. A tester of integrity of face-guards of Air Techniques International (PMLT) is simultaneously the aerosol and photometric device intended for confirmation of impermeability and integrity of face-guards and respirators, and also for control of degree of their fitting closely depending on the individual form of head. PMLT is a portable, simple in the use device that is influenced during a few minutes and gives the different variants of testing. PMLT is an only device, able to test on impermeability of all mask, testing of integrity of components of mask and testing of degree of fitting closely of mask to the person, without a damage to the mask. The same technologies, that is used by the armed forces of the United States and National Institute of Labour (NIOSH) Protection for the test of the masks worked out in accordance with strict Chemical, are used in PMLT, Biologically,Radiation and Nuclear Requirements (CBRN).

The standard PMLT comes with two test heads and all the accessories needed to test virtually all respirators, face masks and gas masks on the commercial market. Additional test heads and accessories are also available for order.

Insulation testing (seals) for leakage allows the operator to localize the leak and possibly correct the situation; thereby allowing further use of the mask. The mask components that are subject to leakage include: voice transmitters, expiratory ports and discs, inlet port seals, and hoses and drinking sleeves. The user interface is a simple, easy-to-use touchpad and digital display. A universal power supply ensures the device is working almost anywhere in the world. All tools and materials are neatly stored and transported in a sturdy PelicanTM protective case.

Main characteristics

81.28 cm x 57.15 cm x 50.8 cm


41 kg

Power supply

100 to 250 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz


Poly-dispersed oil (PAO-4)

Aerosol detection

Near-forward light scattering photometer

Detection range

0.0005 to 100%

Fit Factor Limit



RS-232 serial port


6,435,009 / 6,848297 / 7,140,234 / 7,343,783