Metalworking operations in the pharmaceutical industry

Metalworking operations in the pharmaceutical industry

It is impossible to imagine modern production facilities without sophisticated process equipment, which helps significantly increase performance, improve product quality and reduce risks caused by human factors.

Pharmaceutical companies have always kept up with the times, sometimes pushing for progress by initiating the development of new technologies, machinery, and equipment to enhance the quality and safety of manufactured medicinal products.

Like any other equipment, equipment used in the pharmaceutical industry requires periodic repair, including replacement of its parts and/or assemblies. Such parts are manufactured only on high-precision metalworking equipment, using special cutting tools and specific metal processing technologies. In addition, most parts, especially those that come into contact with the product, must be made of AISI 304 or 316L stainless steel. These materials are viscous and difficult to process, and it has become almost impossible to obtain a high-quality component with precise dimensions without up-to-date metalworking equipment.

Since 2011, Validation Center has been providing services on validation, design, and supply of measuring equipment for the pharmaceutical industry and has proved to be a reliable partner. We keep moving forward, so we decided to add metalworking services to our portfolio and provide them to pharmaceutical companies as a part of outsourcing services.

We have built a modern metalworking workshop and equipped it with a new high-precision milling machine OKUMA operated by true industry professionals. We mainly specialize in stainless steel processing and manufacturing high-quality analogs of tooling and components for pharmaceutical equipment.

CNC milling enables the production of individual or small batches of high-quality parts of exact and uniform dimensions. Controlled cutting speeds and feed forces, which are set and monitored during each milling operation, allow to obtain the desired surface finish and prevent local defects.

Our milling machine has an extremely rigid structure, a 15,000 rpm spindle motor, a high-pressure coolant delivery system, and an automatic tool changer (32 tools) that allows us to optimize costs and reduce cycle time.

The quality of your parts directly depends on the equipment used for their production!

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A new level of metalworking for pharmaceutical companies