Pharm engineering

Pharm engineering

Pharmaceutical engineering is a complex process, which embraces the development of User Requirements Specifications (URS), conceptual design, creation of a detailed project, construction, setup and commissioning, validation and qualification. 

Pharmaceutical engineering  

Our company has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical sector. We provide a broad spectrum of engineering services based on a thorough understanding of regulatory documentspractice, and the specific nature of pharmaceutical production: 

  • Development of URS (User Requirements Specification); 

  • Development of the conceptual design of: 

  • clean rooms; 

  • pharmaceutical production; 

  • laboratories; 

  • health care facilities; 

  • Process design (section “process engineering solutions”); 

  • Design qualification; 

  • Control when performing acceptance testing (FAT/SAT); 

  • Validation and qualification; 

The starting point for design implementation is a thorough analysis of the designed process, starting materials, and delivered product based on customer requirements, which allows us to: 

  • Implement the design of modern manufacturing facility, laboratory, or warehouse in the shortest possible time; 

  • Adapt the process as per customer requirements; 

  • Properly integrate engineering solutions into the process; 

  • Connect manufacturing, control and storage of products in a single process. 

The Validation Center company provides a wide range of services and has extensive experience in the field of pharmaceutical engineering.